Book Of Crypto

About This Book

Book Of Crypto is a Trial meme coin project created by an anynoymous team in a decentralized chain. Like bitcoin as an experiment that took the world by storm and watered the gambling desires of degens, Book Of Crypto is nothing more than an experiment without any INITIAL use. Our culture in the meme scene is that of hype and temporary pumps, we love that, but there is more to look for. Book Of Crypto will be initiated primarily on the blockchain, to social medias, and then to the exchanges, we cannot GUARANTEE one before the other.

Book Of Crypto is a project that allows all to become a part of the building process, we can only go so far alone. With the engagement of meme enthusiasts in web3 community, heeeaaaaven is deee leemeeet.

CONTRACT: 0x6995078117855d6386f09be7ff2195c9e7a67423

SUPPLY: 69,420,420,420



PRESALE DISCLAIMER: Book Of Crypto presale was done privately to raise liquidity and 10% of the total supply will be airdropped to presale participants.

// Book Of Crypto is an experimental memecoin on Ethereum Blockchain and does not guarantee generational wealth for ALL.